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The Cumberland County ABC Board operates all ABC store locations in Cumberland County.  Cumberland County ABC stores are not owned or operated by either the state of North Carolina or Cumberland County government.  They are owned by the Cumberland County ABC Board.

Employees of the Cumberland County ABC Board are neither state nor county employees, but are employees of the Cumberland County ABC Board.

The Cumberland County ABC Board is comprised of 5 local citizens appointed to serve a 3-year term on the ABC Board.

The North Carolina ABC Commission establishes the prices and the ABC laws that all ABC Boards follow in the state of North Carolina; however, each individual ABC Board makes its own decisions and policies concerning the actual operation of its ABC store locations.  This includes the selection being offered, the location of the stores, the hours of operation, and all other procedures/policies in the day to day operation of the stores located in Cumberland County.

The operation of each ABC board is funded solely through the sale of products.  This includes facilities and personnel costs.  No part of our operations are funded by property taxes.  The profits earned by each ABC board are distributed to local governmental entities, and also help fund alcohol education and rehabilitation programs.  

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