According to the North Carolina ABC Commission Permit Division:

             "As of December 1st, 2013 Applicants must submit fingerprint cards with each application submitted to the

              North Carolina ABC Commission for permits."

              "Permit applicants visiting the ABC Commission must arrive between 8:00AM and 3:00PM to be seen by a permit

               specialist. If arriving after 3:00pm , you may leave your completed permit application packet with the receptionist

               to be reviewed by a permit specialist. If issued, the temporary permit will be mailed."


Retail Permits

This division reviews and processes all permit applications for retail activity (restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, etc.) The division also processes applications for Special One Time permits which are issued to tax-exempt non-profit or political organizations for fundraising events and Limited Special Occasion permits for individuals or groups hosting functions (wedding receptions, company parties, etc.)

  • Designated Opinion Contacts

  • More about retail permits

  • Apply for a retail permit

  • More about special occasion/limited special function permits

  • Apply for a Special One-Time permit

  • Apply for a Limited Special Occasion permit


Commercial Permits

This division reviews and processes all permit applications for commercial activity involving malt beverage and wine products. All malt beverage and wine products sold in North Carolina are approved in this division.

  • More about commercial permits

  • Apply for a commercial permit

  • Apply for a commercial salesman/vendor representative permit .

  • Apply for a commercial transportation permit

  • More about product approval

  • Wine Special Orders


For more information on obtaining a permit please contact:

Main Number:(919) 779-0700

Fax Number:(919) 662-3583


Or contact us at - 

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