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Performance Evaluation

Quality of Work: Accuracy, completeness, and standard of output in general. The degree to which the employee's more routine work output is free from errors and mistakes in a timely manner.

Job Knowledge: The degree to which the employee is knowledgeable in areas related to the position and necessary for performance in the position.

Communication: Oral communication (and written if essential) is clear, compete and accurate. The employee is understandable using proper grammar and vocabulary. Listens attentively to others.

Team Orientation and Impact on Others: The degree to which the employee demonstrates a constructive team oriented attitude and team oriented behaviors. Is motivated and makes constructive use of individuality as a contribution to team accomplishments. The degree to which the employee has a generally positive impact on others.

Compliance w/ Supervision and Guidelines: Adherence and receptiveness to rules, policies, and practices of the Agency and the employee's respective department. Evaluates compliance with directions from supervisors, rules regarding general work activities, as well as attendance and punctuality.

Ability to adapt to and accept Change: Adaptability to changed environments or circumstances demonstrated by the employee when confronted with new policies, procedures, recommendations, or suggestions. Evaluates the willingness to accept suggestions or recommendations for new methods from supervisors or other employees and the employee's ability to adapt to changing priorities or circumstances.

Internal and External Customer Service: Presents an appropriate and informed presence. Obtains and provides information in a timely manner and is able to resolve conflicts. Demonstrates courtesy, respect, efficiency to all customers (both internal and external) and co-workers.

Interpersonal Skills: Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships as well as the ability to effectively interact with the public and promote good public relations. The willingness to work cooperatively with subordinates, peers, and supervisors as part of a team or work group is considered important.

Risk Management and Safety: Ability of the employee to ensure adherence to safe work methods and his/her assistance with the development of safety and risk management policies and procedures. Provides training opportunities and encourages or oversees training. Corrects or reports unsafe conditions or practices. Sets an example for employees both organization-wide and as well as subordinates.

Care and Custody of Equipment: The extent to which equipment used by the employee is accounted for and maintained in good condition.

Embrace Technology: Ability to integrate, adapt to, and use available technology. Evaluates the employee's willingness to accept new methods of performing tasks through the use of technology and their ability to adapt to changing technology as it occurs.

Organization, Planning Skills: (a) Ability to manage and use time efficiently; prioritize and plan assignments in order to most effectively and efficiently coordinate and accomplish work group tasks and objectives. Keeps management apprised of the status of goals.

Management Skills: (b) Ability to delegate in a manner that aids the efficiency and effectiveness of the departmental operations. Ability to objectively evaluate employee performance and either appropriately counsel subordinates regarding unsatisfactory performance or provide positive reinforcement for work well done.

Leadership: Ability to inspire, encourage, and facilitate the activities of subordinates and peers all in an effort to achieve the department's mission and goals. Ability to lead by example and demonstrate self-confidence

Store Inspections: Store appearance, security, safety, and customer service must adhere to policy and guidelines.

Cash Control: Safeguarding public funds by balancing register correctly and maintaining control of payments received and change at all times.

Inventory by Store: Preventing inventory shrinkage for the evaluation period.

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