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Notice - Beginning November 15, 2023 our stores will no longer provide  any information concerning Allocated / Limited Items over the phone.  This is being done to insure the customers actually in our stores, receive the service and attention we strive to provide. Some stores are receiving up to 75 phone calls a day, with some people calling over and over. This  has resulted in a disruption of our normal day to day operations, in our stores.

December 1, 2023 Holiday Lottery update

The Cumberland County ABC Board has been notified that Sazerac has not shipped any Pappy Van Winkle or the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection to North Carolina. Therefore the status of a Holiday Lottery is unknown. We will only start/conduct a lottery once we actually have inventory. We do not know if these items will be available later this month or not.  Neither the Cumberland County ABC Board or the state ABC system have any control over this matter as it is directly up to Sazerac when, or if, they ship product into the state.  Check back on December 15, 2023 for further updates.

Allocated/Limited Items - currently we have no allocated or limited items available.

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